HostExcellence: Websites, email and database services are unavailable.

We are currently experiencing a system issue affecting multiple mail, database and web servers. The servers appear down.  Systems engineers are working to resolve the problem now and we will post an update as soon as possible.

The following servers are affected:
iis525, iis601, iis1003, iis1008, iis1014, iis1025, iis1028, mail300, mail301, mail514, mail1205, mail1304, mssql401, mssql403, mssql504, mssql506, mysql909, mysql1012, mysql1203,  web912, web1107, web1135, web1137, web1138, web1139, web1205, web1206, web1216, web1217, web1220, web1221, web1223, web1224, web1229, web1233, web1235, web1236, web1237, web1239, web1240, web1310, web1312, web1319, web1334, , web1335, web1337, web1401, web1402, web1419, web1422, web1427, web1430, web1433, web1434, web1437, web1439

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