DreamHost: Intermittent Mail Connectivity Issues & Delays

This morning we have again noticed extremely high loads on our homiemail-sub5 and -sub3 email clusters. While we’ve recently replaced a saturated switch and other hardware for Sub5, we unfortunately are not seeing the positive results stick like we hoped. Our technical operations and admin teams are again working around the clock to correct the source of the load on Sub5 and restore regular functionality as quickly as possible. If your email is hosted on Sub5, you may expect intermittent connectivity issues via webmail and other mail clients. If your email is hosted on Sub3, you may expect to receive email with a slight delay today over the next couple of hours, but it should be all caught up pretty soon. These clusters have the full attention of our staff today, and we will update this post again as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

To determine if your mail is handled on the above sub-cluster, please click on the Data Centers page in your DreamHost web panel and look for the cluster name shown there.

If you have any issues during this period, or questions in the meantime, please contact support from your web panel.

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