DreamHost: Network Connectivity Issues at US West (Portland) Data Center (RESOLVED)

Our admins have informed us this is due to maintenance being performed by one of our providers (fiber relocation). The maintenance window is set for two hours. Please check back for further updates.

Update – 2016-01-20, 04:25 PDT:  I just confirmed this maintenance was completed. If you have any problems reaching your site please contact us.

Update – 2016-01-20, 03:05 PDT:  We have not received the ‘all clear’ yet but, so far, everything is looking good.

Update – 2016-01-20, 00:50 PDT:  Maintenance continues. Expect up/down connectivity until that is completed. Full loss of connectivity may be possible. Updates will continue as this progresses.

Update – 2016-01-20, 00:37 PDT:  We’re seeing connectivity again and it appears most sites are accessible. The maintenance is still being conducted, though, so we’ll keep an eye out for any further issues arising from that.

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