GreenGeeks: DrupalCon Portland 2013 Wrap Up

DrupalCon Portland

(From left to right: Kaumil Patel, COO. Trey Gardner, CEO. Josh Dargie, Support Manager.)

Portland, Oregon which is home to 24 mountain ranges had one more added courtesy of GreenGeeks with its “Mountain of Candy” helping energize thousands of attendees at DrupalCon get through meetings, sessions and exhibits.

This year GreenGeeks was giving away 50 free for a year shared hosting accounts to DrupalCon attendees to show them how awesome we are at providing exceptional hosting services. We’re drawing the winners on June 1, 2013. We also announced the availability of Drush at the event, which over the past several DrupalCon’s we’ve been asked for its support. Customers were ecstatic with the news and we look forward to making our Drupal hosting even more valuable to our Drupal customers.

From our first DrupalCon in Chicago 2010, we’ve seen the conference grow incredibly. The Portland conference was such an amazing success with more than 3,300 attendees, phenomenal speakers, and so many great community events where everyone bonded and had fun. The next DrupalCon is going to take place in Austin, Texas from June 2-6, 2014.

We look forward to next year!

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GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks Introduces Drush Support


GreenGeeks is excited to introduce a feature to our hosting environment that has been months in the making. We recently surveyed our customers and asked them what features they wanted to see added to our service. You asked for it, and now you’ve got it! Drush is now available for use on all of our Shared hosting and Reseller Hosting plans!

What is Drush?

Drush is a command line scripting tool for use with our Drupal hosting packages. It is designed to make life easier for those advanced Drupal users who want to have full control over their Drupal installations.

What makes Drush different at GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks utilizes a highly advanced security system which isolates accounts to their own file system. We also use cloud linux technologies which further protect users from one another. It is only through these systems that allows us to offer tools like Drush in a safe and secure manor. We were tired of hearing horror stories of insecure web hosts offering Drush and opening up their customers to all sorts of dangerous things. That’s why GreenGeeks is so tough on system security. We only want the best hosting experience for you!

How do I use Drush?

Information about how to use Drush can be found at the GreenGeeks Knowledgebase

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