DreamHost: Web VPS host homie-vserver140 offline for unscheduled file-system check (RESOLVED)

The web VPS host ‘homie-vserver140′ is offline for an unscheduled file-system integrity check. This is required due to issues with the RAID on the server switching to read-only mode following a reboot of the server. We apologize for the inconvenience that this situation causes! Please contact Support from the “Support > Contact Support” section of your Web Panel if you have any questions!

Please note, this is regarding the VPS host machine ‘homie-vserver140’ and no other services (email, MySQL) or machines are affected. To check if you’re on this server, please go to the DreamHost panel and check the home server for your user.

The affected VPS guests can be found in the first comment below this post.

Update Dec 31st, 4:21pm PST: The host should now be backup on the old hardware and all guests should be completely up and running. If you’re seeing problems, please let our support staff know asap! — Brian H

Update Dec 31st, 1:15pm PST: We’re now moving this machine back to its original hardware, as backups for this machine were out of sync. You will notice some downtime while this happens, we’re working on getting this sorted out ASAP. — Brian H

Update Dec 31st, 10:20am PST: All VPS guests on this machine should now be up and runing as the restore progresses. Should your VPS guest still be offline, please contact support. -Brandon

Update Dec 31st, 7:45am PST: There was an issue with a few of the guests and our admins were forced to shut down all guests running on the spare machine. We will update again once these are up and running. -JJ G

Update Dec 31st, 6:20am PST: As a preemptive measure against any problems with the file system check our admins are restoring the backup data to the local drives on the spare machine. The file system check on the original hardware continues to execute. We will continue to post further updates as information becomes available. -JJ G

Update Dec 31st, 4:30am PST: Services are currently running off the backups while the file system check progresses. These services seem to be stable currently but if you have any trouble with your services please let us know. -JJ G

Update Dec 31st, 3:45am PST: The file system check is currently running on the original server. In the meantime our admins have brought up a spare machine and mounted backups to bring up the VPS guests. Further updates will be provided as they become available. -JJ G

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