DreamHost: ‘Manage Account’ area of Panel down (RESOLVED)

We just had a panel outage due to networking issues with our central databases. The details of that post can be found here:


While the panel is up and running again, the ‘Manage Accounts’ section is unfortunately still experiencing issues. This means that adding or removing hosting plans and canceling your account are not possible at this time. We believe sign-up may also be affected by this outage. Our system administrators are looking into the problem now. We will make sure to update this post as soon as we have further details and/or a resolution. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update Dec 29th, 8:58pm PST:  The panel is now completely back up and functioning properly. Our admin team is currently restoring the usage data so that the panel usage reports display them properly. If you notice any errors or oddities in the panel, please do contact support and let us know. -Seohee

Update Dec 29th, 8:11pm PST:  As mentioned, our central databases were behaving strangely, leading to general stability issues in the panel. This database stores primarily non-essential information, so we’ve switched the systems over to using a minimal clone of that database. Things are now back online and working. Due to this switch, you may notice some statistics in the panel (like bandwidth and disk usage) reporting 0 while we work on the master database. We will continue to provide additional updates as they come. -Seohee

Update Dec 29th, 7:40pm PST: We’ve taken our panel offline to try and repair the database that’s currently having problems. We do not have an estimate as to how long this will be down, but will update as soon as we have more information. — Brian H

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