DreamHost: Downtime on Homie-Vsql57 (RESOLVED)

The machine is not responding to remote reboots. We have requested that one of admins at the data center try a manual reboot. Below are of list of PS-mysql guest that are impacted by this outage. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your continued patience. Please check back for updates.

psmysql30850 psmysql30908 psmysql30910 psmysql30937 psmysql30963 psmysql30979 psmysql30983 psmysql30986 psmysql30990 psmysql30992 psmysql31008 psmysql31010 psmysql31058 psmysql31536 psmysql33096 psmysql33387 psmysql33600 psmysql33803 psmysql33836 psmysql33929 psmysql33940 psmysql34000 psmysql34799 psmysql35539 psmysql35673 psmysql35764 psmysql36277 psmysql36330 psmysql39333 psmysql40247 psmysql44088 psmysql44170 psmysql46423 psmysql47141 psmysql47526 psmysql47529 psmysql47544 psmysql48176


Update Oct 31st, 2:10pm PDT:The server is back online and all MySQL services are up and running. Should you still be experiencing any issues, please contact our Technical Support department. -Brandon

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