DreamHost: Shared server Managua being failed over to new hardware ( RESOLVED )

This would explain the downtime that you are experiencing at the moment. All services http, ftp, etc are affected by this outage. Our admins plan to move the machine to new hardware and create a NFS mount to the machine that hosts your backup data. This will allow your sites to remain online as the FSCHK is being performed on the old hardware. I will update this post once the new hardware is deployed and the NFS mount has been created.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Your continued patience is greatly appreciate. Please check back for updates.
Updated information: Apache services are all up and running while the File System Check proceeds.

Update Oct 29th, 10:56pm PDT: The restore has completed. – Sandon V.

Update Oct 29th, 6:30pm PDT:The restore is almost finished. We’ll update this post again when it’s all done. We appreciate your patience! – Andrea

Update Oct 29th, 8:07am PDT: All sites continue to be online at this time while the restoration of data to this server continues. The backup server is mounted to this server, allowing sites to use that data for now and when the restore is complete, any data uploaded during this time will also be shown on your sites.

The restore is now at 75.1949% complete! This is progressing nicely and we do not foresee any issues.  We will update this post later today with another status report! -PatrickM

Update Oct 28th, 7:20pm PDT: All sites are up at this time. We are completely failing over this machine to new hardware. We mounted backups to the new server while the data is copied over to the new machine. All backups are from yesterday. Any data uploaded earlier today will show on the site once the restore is done. We will continue to update this post periodically (about twice a day) while the restore completes. This will take a few days and when it’s done we will finish the failover. If you have any issues with your sites being down, please contact our support team and we will be glad to look into it for you. -Oscar

Update Oct 28th, 3:35pm PDT: The File system check is ongoing and is currently at 14% on pass 1. -Brandon

Update Oct 28th, 2:30pm PDT: Apache services are still running without issue and site should all be online. The restore process is now at 9.5 percent of the first pass, and there have been no issues as of yet. Please contact Technical Support should you be experiencing any issues. -Brandon

Update Oct 28th, 1:35pm PDT:  All Apache services are now up and running. If your sites are still offline, please contact our Technical Support team. The restore process is ongoing and has reached around 3 percent of the first pass. We’ll keep this post up to date as new information becomes available. -Brandon

Update Oct 28th, 12:45pm PDT: The machine has been moved to new hardware. A NFS mount has been created to serve files from our backup machine. We are also copying the files live to your home directories.

At the moment, we are working towards bringing the apache servers back online. Still waiting for a few apache updates to finished. Once that’s completed, your sites will be accessible.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your continued patience. Please check back for updates.

Update Oct 28th, 11:12am PDT: The drives on the machine were worse than expected. We restarted the filesystem check and this caused a bit of data loss. Luckily we do have backups. The backup used to restore your data was performed on Oct 27th. Hopefully data loss will be minimal. We aim to have the machine back online within the next hour.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your continued patience. Please check back for updates

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