DreamHost: Downtime on shared web server Zaurak – file system check (RESOLVED)

We had to reboot your shared server ‘zaurak’ and when it came back, the partition where the home directories are stored didn’t mount to the machine and the apache service wouldn’t start. We started a file system check to find out why and to ensure data integrity. We’re also working on setting up a backup machine, so your sites would be up and running while we conduct the file system check. I’ll update this post when the backup machine is up. Sorry about the inconvenience this is causing. – Andrea

UPDATE Oct 30th 6:40AM PDT:The file system check has finished, the original hardware is live again like previously setup. If you notice any further issues please let us know.

UPDATE Oct 29th 10:00PM PDT: We were able to bring the new hardware online. A NFS mount is serving files that are stored on the machine that stores your backups. This will allow your sites to load as the filesystem check is running on the old machine. Therefor you should not longer experience a disruption in service.

With regards the filesystem check on the old hardware, the process needed to be restarted. Sorry again for any inconvenience this has caused. We will continue to keep you updated. – Brian S

UPDATE Oct 29th 8:28PM PDT: The filesystem check has completed pass 1a. The process is currently on Pass 1b. Please be aware that there are 5 passes in a file system check. We make note of them as 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d and then finally 2. For the most part 1a is the longest part of a file system check. So we are on the path towards service restoration.

Also, we are still working towards bringing the backup machine online. Our admins encountered issues when attempting to deploy the backup machine. They are currently in the process of finding another spare machine.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this downtime has caused. Thanks for bearing with us. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated. Please check back for updates.- Brian S

Update Oct 29th, 6:17pm PDT:We’re still setting up the backup machine, but I’m happy to report that the file system check is about halfway through and the original machine still appears to be healthy. I’ll update this post again soon, sorry about the continued downtime. – Andrea

Update Oct 29th, 5:21pm PDT:We’re continuing to prepare a backup machine, sorry about the delay. I’ll update the post again once that machine is up. The file system check continues and it’s going OK so far, the server appears to be ‘healthy’. – Andrea

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