DreamHost: Delays on all outgoing mail from web servers (RESOLVED)

Thanks to a pretty nasty looking attempted spam run across a number of our servers, customers may be seeing considerable delays with outgoing mail from their web scripts.

Not to worry though! Members of our Abuse and Admin teams are working together to stop the spammers in their tracks. Until they can, however, it might take a few hours for mail sent from your web server to reach its destination. We apologize for the inconvenience.

More updates will be coming just as soon as we have an idea of the scale of this attack.

Update Aug 31st 3:01am PST: Our admins report that mail is now doing better, while things may continue being slow for a few hours longer we are catching up on the backlog of messages and our admins will be keeping an eye on things throughout the day. – JJ

Update Aug 31st 9:01am PST: We’ve kept our eye on the outgoing mail relay server for several hours and it has been running smoothly. We’ve cleaned out all the mail initiated by the spam run and mail has been flowing smoothly since our last update. We’ve verified that all affected servers are running at their normal capacity and there have been no new support cases regarding this in over 6 hours, so we’re resolving this issue now. If you are still experiencing delayed mail, please contact support immediately and we’ll be happy to investigate it further for you. -dan w

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