DreamHost: VPS Host, homie-vserver126 down (RESOLVED)

Homie-vserver126 failed to come back up after a powercycle.  We are dispatching an admin to fail over the machine as soon as possible.  ETA is estimated at 2 hours at this point.  We will update this bug as information becomes available.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Affected VPSs:

ps19323 ps19327 ps19328 ps19330 ps19343 ps19344 ps19350 ps19381 ps19382 ps19384 ps19421 ps19426 ps19431 ps19524 ps19528 ps19554 ps19651 ps19655 ps19812 ps19939 ps19968 ps19984 ps20024 ps21037 ps21610 ps21642 ps21831 ps21850 ps23065 ps23651 ps26599 ps26720 ps30381 ps31267 ps32487 ps33572 ps33645 ps34564 ps34754 ps36820 ps43970 ps43975 ps43976 ps44410 ps45039 ps46286 ps46292 ps46736 ps47604 ps48404 ps48407 ps48512 ps48784 ps48786

Update 11:10pm PST: This server is now back up and running on new hardware! Please contact Support if you are still experiencing any issues!

Update 9:29pm PST: The server will be moved to new hardware. This should take between 1 and 3 hours. We apologize for this delay in getting service restored. -Brian H

Update 9:21pm PST: We have a network engineer on site now, we’re still working getting the server up and working and apologize for the delay! -Brian H

Update 8:21pm PST: We are still working on this issue, and have a network administrator investigating. We’ll update this post with more info as we get it! -Brian H

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